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Just a note to say how much I bloody love your yoga class! I have always struggled to get into yoga giving up after one class or not quite connecting or understanding the teacher. But your teaching style, clarity (I never get confused about what I have to do) and calmness means I am more than happy to travel 50min across London to join!
Always nice to share these thoughts!

Zoe C

If you want to improve your practice and alignment, this class is for you.
Ivonne knows how to adapt the class in order for you to get the most out of the practice.
Her meditations are also great 👍.

Carolina M

I now consider these two classes as essential parts of my week. They can be challenging or chilled depending on how I feel, and Olivia is a great teacher. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Ben G

Really love your class. I’ve been to a few over the years and yours has been by far the best in terms of atmosphere and actually feeling like I’m developing and engaging with the session, so thanks for creating such a fab environment

Courtney C

Ivonne’s ability to translate complex information into easily accessible concepts is first class. Having studied anatomy with her, I now have an increased understanding of my own body and feel confident that I can effectively pass this information onto my students to enhance their practice. Her teaching is practical and non-dogmatic, with a real emphasis on finding the variations that work best for individual bodies. Not only is she able to effectively break down poses so that you understand its key components, she then masterfully brings it all back together in a sequence to allow for a truly embodied experience. Plus, she always manages to make it fun

Daniela C

Love Ivonne! She is honestly one of the best teachers you can find particularly if you want to work on your form in the postures. Her hints and tips to make sure you are maximising the benefits of the posture while preventing injury are something that is rare to find.

Each month is tailored towards an area, progressing each week. This isn’t a class for people that are happy that their alignment isn’t great and want to lose themselves in their breath. If you want to gain strength and improve, this is the class for you


Relaxed, down to earth and welcoming. Class was challenging but with different options to suit different people. Left feeling like I’d had a workout but also surprisingly chilled out

Chris H

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